The Rescuers Down Under


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John Candy as Wilbur
Bob Newhart as Bernard
Eva Gabor as Miss Bianca
Frank Welker as Joanna
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jesper Brun 10 / 10

Why can't Disney make more sequels like this?

This is a beautiful movie. That's it. And what's more astounding is the fact that it is a Disney sequel. Why couldn't the most famous and revolutionary animation company make more like this instead of those crappy direct-to-video sequel they are so infamous for?

Enough complaining. Why is this movie so good? It was one of their first movies with fully CG-animated backgrounds and it is flawless. The flight scenes with Cody and the golden eagle are also amazing beyond all. And when the real mission begins, it is a full-blown action-adventure movie with tons of great action scenes.

The new characters are a lot of fun, especially the new albatross, Wilbur, voiced by the always funny John Candy. He has several scenes in which he made me laugh hard!

The villain, Percival McLeach, is just as underrated as Medusa in the first movie. He is voiced by the great George C. Scott, who truly understands making him menacing. His pet, Joanna, is also a good and funny sidekick.

There are a few aspects of the movie I must underline, though. The first of them being the characters in Australia, who are mostly serving the plot, but there are some who are rather pointless and only in it for a short time. The other being that the Rescuers themselves. They are not bad, but I do not see it as a good sign when a movie could be just as good without their main characters. Maybe it is a little harsh to say, because Bernard and Miss Bianca have great interactions. It is just a notice.

The movie is still criminally underrated and deserves more attention.

Reviewed by Sjoerd Jonker 9 / 10

Probably the best sequel I have ever witnessed!

Sometimes franchises don't start with excellent first installments and The Rescuers is definitively one of them. In my opinion, The Rescuers is too straight forward in story telling. The plot is good, but they could have added so much more to make it a rich and spicy tale.

For example: Bianca chose to go on a mission with a concierge instead with someone that was meant for the task and that is fine, but there were no further consequences after that. Bernard seems to have no struggle in doing such a complex job. In fact Bernard was rather really cut out in doing this, which surprised me. There is also no conservation afterwards like 'Hey, Bianca why did you choose me over all the potential companions that were cut out for this job.', which was really a shame. There was also a lack of romance between Bianca and Bernard(only a nice compliment here and there), until The Rescuers Down Under was released:

Not only they have managed to add the necessarily romance it needed: Bernard is going to marry Bianca. They also add a lot more humor which I truly missed in the first film. Sure some of it was childish like the frilled lizard, but also humor that really works on the older audience, like Bernard's first attempt to ask Bianca to marry back in that restaurant and that little misunderstanding with Bianca afterwards. That is just clever writing. Some of the humor in this film was just simply hilarious, especially the egg stealing scene at the poacher's home and that is just the bit of spice the first installment really needed.

Not only they add spice by humor, they even add a subplot: 'Safe the eagle', which was really a rich and emotional addition, with a valuable lesson about the importance of protecting a rare species. They also add a plenty of nice features like the R.A.S. relay(in the very beginning), a chandelier as a restaurant, Riding wild animals. All these things, makes the movie run dynamic and simply satisfying to watch. The sphere in the first movie however was darker, which was not too bad, since it suited with the rather slow story telling, which did a satisfying job in creating mystery. This kinda reminds me of Don Bluth's 'The Secret of NIMH' or 'All Dogs Go to Heaven'. Both films are awfully underrated and have far more darker and stylish content to show than The Rescuers. TRDU however looks a lot more alive and you can see that every minute is well organized. There was no need to add any songs in that film.

Yes, The Rescuers Down Under is a sequel that contains NO songs. Do not get me wrong, I love songs, but they are often mediocre written and they are mostly just a filler for the movie. The sequels of 'The Land before Time' are the main offenders of this. Even though The Rescuers did not contain many songs, they were fillers.

The ending was rather abrupt in TRDU, but it did not felt needed for a extended end, In fact I sometimes prefer this way, because it gives you an opportunity to decide for yourself in how they will life happily ever after.

In conclusion: TRDU is the prime example of an excellent sequel, maybe even the best that I have ever witnessed. It is sad to see how such an amazing film did not very well at the box office.

Reviewed by Vimacone 8 / 10

Disney's First Sequel: An Underrated Masterpiece

For some reason, The Rescuers Down Under is overlooked as one of the great Disney films from its renaissance period. I presume because its a sequel to an earlier film. This film has an entirely different tone and atmosphere than the original. This a pure adventure film in the rugged Australian outback and a very breathtaking adventure film at that. Lots of daring and thrilling camera shots and angles throughout; Most of them in the early sequence when Cody frees the eagle from a trap. It's been said that these scenes were inspired by Miyazaki's films such as Nausicaa and Castle in the Sky, which were out at the time of production.

What's remarkable about the cast is that all the characters that appear in this film that appeared in the original are voiced by the same voice actors. Bob Newhart and Eva Gabor reprise their roles as Bernard and Bianca respectively. Bernard Fox reprises the role of the Chairmouse, a minor character. Since Jim Jordan, who voiced Oroville, had passed away in 1988, a new albatross was created named Wilbur, brother to Oroville. John Candy was an excellent choice for Wilbur. Otherwise, all the other characters are new. George C. Scott gives the best performance as the villain Percival McCleach. He's a menacing but entertaining villain, surprisingly underrated. (I've been a big fan of Scott's rough gravely voice).

Surprisingly, this was released on video before the original was. I remember seeing this one first. Most of us that were born around this time would remember this one well.

The film still holds up strongly today and deserves a status as one of the great Disney classics.

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